Clay Bust

Seoka, Phutuma: Clay Bust
9in. x 6in.

HGH comments: I decided to take advantage of the rich South African market and its local sculptors. So as a trial, I acquired “Clay Bust” and “Leopard” by Dr. Petuma Seoka. “Crocodile”, “Man Wearing Cap” and “Priest Reading Book of David” By Johannes Segogola. A series of bugs “Grasshopper”, “Fly” and “Flying Ant” by Bheki Myeni and from Lawrence Malanga “Dove” and from Katlghone, “Hippo”. These were all purchased together. And whilst I was at it I added a Mexican piece to my collection “Iguana” which I purchased in Tucson, Arizona. Now these artists are not neccessarilly naïve, and I do not feel that I can comment on them. I do, however, enjoy having them in my home.