Grandma Plays Roulette

Cook, Beryl: Grandma Plays Roulette
20.5in. x 20.5in.
oil on board

HGH comments: Is the star of the show. She has published a dozen books. And as such has established her name as the leading humurous naïve painter of the British Isles. I bought this without even seeing it. I tried to buy a Beryl Cook for years but couldn’t get it. Every year she came out with an exhibition and it was all sold before the opening. A dealer arranged to send us diapositives of all the paintings in her forthcoming book called “Grandma Goes on Vacation”. I had to make my selection from that. I could have bought any of the 12. I liked this one best. I saw Grandma for the first time in South Africa. The other one I liked was the painting showing the front view of the bus and she was sitting behind the wheel. It was a riot.