Le Dindon

Milinkov, Ljubomir: Le Dindon
16in. x 12.5in.
oil on masonite

HGH comments: This is the screwy one, literally. The picture speaks for itself, it’s imaginative and colorful and has a daring approach to the subject. Milinkov is a Yugoslav artist who came to live in the United States.

The biggest mistake I made was not buying all of them. How can one commit four errors at once in a choice of five paintings? One can. I committed that folly when I bought Le Dindon and forgot to buy the other four. All five would have made a nice collection of pornography. I didn’t buy them because I was afraid that the South African customs people would arrest me for trading pornography. You can imagine how disappointed I was when the customs officers allowed this erotic piece of naïve art without a murmur.