Visit to the Memorial

Davenport, Neil: Visit to the Memorial
15.75in. x 19.5in.
oil on canvas

HGH comments: This and “Bingo” have a peculiarity in common: the artists have painted themselves into every painting they have done. Here Neil Davenport is represented by the cyclist leaning against the tree. He is not physically recognizable, but we all know it is him. Neil Davenport is a collector of vintage cars. He also paints them into all of his paintings. He has got to be well off somehow.

Neil Davenport was more famous then then he is today. Don’t forget that these guys are becoming old too, some are older than I am. Davenport is one of the best known satirists, if you do not see it in this painting then your eyes are closed. Look at what is happening: this is the widow of the general shown in the memorial, she is with the chauffeur, who is now her lover. So the two of them go to visit the graveside. The widow is Davenport’s mother. I think it is very funny.

A painting I would have loved to have had Is “Madame, Tea is Served” (you know how the British are so meshugge about their tea). In it you see a garden and a mansion, and the mansion is on fire, and the butler is serving tea while the whole place is on fire.