Salzberg Zoo

Bedenikovic, Vladimir: Salzberg Zoo
19.25in. x 25in.
oil on masonite

HGH comments: I bought this painting directly from the artist, through the fortunate introduction of a mutual friend in Ibiza, where he was as a visitor. In Ibiza he had about a half a dozen paintings with him.

If you look at at the painting, none of the animals are in cages: the lions live together peacefully with the bears and the birds. It has an allegoric meaning. The gate is open. Actually it has a copyright: the image belongs to the future and present owner of Salzburg Zoo. The painting was subject to copyright royalties, as it was the official postcard of the Zoo, and still is offered today.

Vladimir lives in Salzburg and became a painter by accident. What happened was this: he was working as a steward on a boat, and he had so little to do that in his desperation he stated to paint, and developed his good fortune from there. He was a naïve painter for two years. He is no longer a naïve, but his great talent kept him in the art world. He developed a style and technique which was particularly useful for children’s books. Today he is a well known international illustrative artist who made it his business to study academic painting with great success.